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Meridian Winds

The Vibrato "Saxophone For All"

Meridian Winds has been made the first USA distributor for Vibrato Saxophones. These instruments were engineered to be maintenance free and upon testing these out, we believe that to be the case up to a playing point. The pads are free floating silicone, there are no corks or felts and the springs are stainless coils and very ingeniously designed. The Vibrato Saxophones are almost completely Polycarbonate.

We are now stocking the limited edition “Nude III” Vibrato Saxophone which features a clear body and black pads.

Watch the Vibrato Sax being played here

Please Note: When playing this saxophone for the first time, the player may notice that it requires slightly more finger pressure than when playing a real saxophone with leather pads due to the self-sealing pads. There is a slight learning curve and the player must play this saxophone with purpose.

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