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Wood Stone Tenor Saxophone "New Vintage" [VL Model]


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Wood Stone Tenor Saxophone

New Vintage

“The Fusion of Tradition and Solution is Finally Completed.”

Ishimori completed the Wood Stone tenor saxophone by combining their knowledge and experience of repairing saxophones that have accumulated for half a century.
It features quick response, great intonation, and smooth key action and quality sound.
You can blow comfortably through the whole range.



The neck features good response, and rich sound. It is modeled after the vintage neck that is used for highly evaluated vintage saxophones and we also make use of our knowledge for this neck and complete this one. You can express your music as you like with this neck.

We use alloy of silver for these screw and make them in a special way. They can improve sound quality and make sound softer.

Thumb Rest
The thumb rest uses quality hard rubber so it leads to resonance and quick response. The sound becomes warm and resonant.

Thumb Hook
This hook has interspace between a body and itself, which enhances resonance and makes it easier to control sound volume through the whole range and to control tone color. It can also improve the quality of the D, E and F sound which often become unclear.

"Wood Stone" Logo
This saxophone has a logo, "Wood Stone” on the bell and this means a wholly original saxophone.

This fascinating design is engraved elaborately by skillful craftsmen.

Almost all the saxophones use glue to put together a body and a bell and this way can stop resonance. But we solder them in order for the saxophone to vibrate from
the neck to the bell, which can improve sound volume.

Adjustable Rod for G# Key
This rod helps the G# key seal better by adjusting its angle and enabling itself to touch the cup flat when you push the righthand keys.

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