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Stamitz, Carl: Quartet Op. 8/4 for Clarinet, Violin, Viola, & Cello

Carl (Karl) Stamitz (1745-1801) was a German composer and violinist, born into a famous family of Mannheim musicians. He was a prolific composer, whose works include over 50 symphonies, several symphonie concertantes, and many concerti for clarinet, violin, viola, bassoon and flute. Carl is often considered to be the founder of the clarinet concerto, having been one of the first composers to recognize the solo potential of the clarinet. He also wrote many chamber works for various combinations of instruments. The string quartet, sometimes with a wind instrument substituting for the first violin, was the most popular form of chamber music at this time. Stamitz composed three sets of these quartets with a wind instrument, Opus Nos. 8, 14 and 19. The manuscript of the present work, Opus 8, No. 4 has been lost. It was first published in 1773 by Seiber. A note on the title page states that the first part may be played on clarinet, oboe or violin. Instrumentation for this item is clarinet in B-flat, violin, viola, and cello. Includes parts & score.

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