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Selmer Paris Supreme Alto Saxophone Neck

***Subject to availability***

The Selmer Supreme alto saxophone has quickly become one of the most sought-after saxes on the market! One of the core elements to the performance of the Supreme is the neck and it is also very adaptable to other Selmer models as well. Selmer will be offering the Supreme Alto Sax Neck in many finishes so that they can pair up with a wide range of previous production Selmer models, even finishes that cannot be found on the actual Supreme alto sax itself.

Will it work on a…
The Supreme alto sax neck will work very well with all Selmer models from the Mark VI on through all current history of production. This includes:

    • Mark VI
    • Mark VII
    • Super Action 80
    • Super Action 80 Serie II
    • Series III
    • Reference 54
    • Axos


    • Dark Gold Lacquer – Standard finish on the Supreme, matches well with the dark lacquer of the Reference 54 as well
    • 24k Gold Plate
    • Solid Sterling Silver Tube with Brass Keywork  – This is not just a finish, but the entire acoustic tube made from Solid Silver for an even more resonant & responsive performance. Lacquered with Selmer Dark Lacquer, see photos.
    • Solid Sterling Silver - Unlacquered

Please note - For Supreme necks in Sterling Silver, Selmer has started to coat them with their dark lacquer, please see photos. We have them available stripped of this lacquer also.

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