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SAXXAS Saxophone Ligatures


SAXXAS LIGATURE is an outstanding accessory: rubber cushions placed on the bottom adjust themselves to the non-constant shape of the reed, making a SUPERB resonance transmission to the mouthpiece.


The rubber cushions can be easily placed in many different positions, each resulting in different sound color, projection, etc. SAXXAS ligature is the best way to customize your mouthpiece!


Ligatures come with a cap, and additional rubber cushions for optimal customization.


  • SS HR - fits most soprano sax hard rubber mouthpieces
  • AS DU - fits alto metal mouthpieces, Dukoff and more
  • AS HR - fits most alto hard rubber mouthpieces
  • TS GU - fits tenor Guardala, Jody Jazz DV, and similar size mouthpieces
  • TS OL - fits tenor metal Otto Link, V16, Barone Hollywood, etc. mouthpieces
  • TS HR - fits tenor hard rubber Otto Link, Selmer, etc. mouthpieces
  • BS HRM - fits Brilhart, Francois Louis, Jody Jazz, Berg Larsen
  • BS HRXL - fits Selmer & Vandoren hard rubber mouthpieces

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