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Meridian Winds


Oxford, Josh: A Ways In... for Two Flutes & Piano

"In twelve tone music, all twelve chromatic pitches are arranged so that all twelve notes are played without repeating.  The chromatic scale is a basic example of this concept.  This technique was initially used to free composers from the dogmas of functional harmony.  Many frown upon this technique because it often creates "ugly" music that is dissonant and atonal.  There's even a technique called "total" serialism where dynamics and articulations, along with pitches, are also serialized.  I found that by harmonizing every note with consonant chords that plane well, such as "sus2" chords or "major 7th" chords, it's possible to create very tonal and tuneful music-- "tonal" serialism.  Experimenting with this technique has led to music that sounds, at times, reminiscent of Eric Ewazen, hence the title "A Ways In..." - Josh Oxford

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