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NEW Otto Link Super Tone Master V Metal Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces

Introducing the new Otto Link Super Tone Master V — the newest iteration of the mouthpiece that’s been the heart and soul of saxophone sound in American jazz throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. This is not just a mouthpiece; it’s a piece of history, refined.

With its smooth and responsive playability, the Super Tone Master V invites both virtuosos and emerging talents to articulate their musical vision with ease and control. The V is not merely a continuation but an evolution, designed to produce a classic jazz tone that echoes the masters of the golden era of jazz. Coleman Hawkins, Dexter Gordon, and John Coltrane would surely appreciate it as a fitting tribute to their legacy.

After four evolutions throughout its 70+ year history, this fifth iteration truly recaptures the “core” in the sound made iconic by the original models. Crafted through extensive historical research and study and with the precision of modern engineering, the Super Tone Master V recaptures its unmatched legacy to deliver the “go-to” sound for today’s jazz musicians. The result is a mouthpiece that is not only true to its heritage but also supremely responsive to the artist’s touch.

It speaks with more clarity, responds with greater ease, and articulates the subtle nuances of your playing more precisely, inspiring expressive play with a kaleidoscope of tonal colors. This is where the past’s richness meets today’s precision, allowing for an unparalleled range of musical expression. Its adaptability also transcends the genre, inviting you to explore the realms of blues, contemporary, and beyond.

Other sizes available upon request, email

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