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Jarvis, Rebecca: 20 Recital Duets for Trumpets

Written for players of similar abilities and designed to challenge both of them, these idiomatic duets are appropriate for all recital, audition, jury and contest performance settings. The first half of the collection presents 10 originals in a variety of classic styles, while the second half includes 10 transcriptions of music by Bach, Mozart, Handel, Haydn, Brahms and others.

Contents: Counterpoint In G Minor (Jarvis); The Hunt (Jarvis); Tango (Jarvis); Invention In Eb (Jarvis); Lullaby (Jarvis); Tanza (Jarvis); Rag (Jarvis); Dialogue (Jarvis); Mazurka (Jarvis): March (Jarvis); Two Selections From "Water Music" (Handel); Prelude In G Minor (Krieger); Waltz (Brahms); Tango Argentina (Sanjuan); Sonata (Haydn); Sarabande (Bach); Sonata (Mozart); Gigue (Bach); Finale (Haydn)

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