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Francois Louis Ultimate Ligatures for Saxophones

The ligature that helps you to produce a fuller and richer sound with ease and control.

The tightening by a single central screw ensures an even distribution of the pressure on the reed and allows the reed to vibrate freely without damping the natural vibration of the mouthpiece. 

Thanks to the resonating pipes this ligature generates a range of sympathetic vibrations that enrich the player's sound.

The Brass is more resonant and vibrating.
The Gold has more elegance and a slicker tone quality (polished). 

  • XL fits regular hard rubber mouthpieces (Selmer, Vandoren, Meyer, Otto Link)
  • L fits thin hard rubber mouthpieces (Berg-Larsen, Ponzol, Zinner)
  • S fits metal mouthpieces (Otto Link, Dukoff, Berg-Larsen, Ponzol)

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