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Bájoc CB Cornet Mouthpiece

A mouthpiece designed specifically for the aspiring cornetist in mind. The Bájoc Concert Band cornet mouthpiece can be widely used for multiple ensemble settings, ranging from cornet parts in popular wind band literature to any cornet virtuoso solo found in the back of the J.B. Arban book. This mouthpiece produces a full yet resonant sound while giving off a velvety tone quality that is reminiscent of the famous cornet virtuosos that we have heard of before—Herbert L. Clarke, Byron Autrey, Allessandro Liberati, and many others.

The Bájoc Concert Band is a great mouthpiece for cornetists who are playing on any long-model (“American-style”) or short-model (“British-style” or shepherd’s crook) cornet or are looking for an alternative mouthpiece that will liven up the sound on a large bore cornet. The versatility of this cornet mouthpiece can span from being able to play effortlessly in delicate, softer passages to bold yet fanfaric passages. A great, all-around cornet mouthpiece that can meet the needs of most aspiring cornet players!

The Bájoc Concert Band cornet mouthpiece comes with Jacob’s favored comfort-rim design that offers enough cushion and grip to the lips. With just enough inner bite and roundness to the rim profile, the Bájoc Concert Band cornet mouthpiece is well-designed and fit for any trumpet player who plays in several different performance settings.

Further specs of the Bájoc Concert Band include:

Bájoc Signature Series rim
Medium bowl cup depth
.148″ (#25.5 approx.) throat diameter
Bájoc “CB” backbore

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