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Bajoc Solo Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

The Bájoc Solo flügelhorn mouthpiece was designed with the intention of producing a smoky, whispy, and darkened tone quality on the flügelhorn.  When designing this mouthpiece, the sound characteristics that came to mind were that of Clark Terry or even the creamy, fluttery sounds of a Couesnon flügelhorn.

This flügelhorn mouthpiece generates a focused sound that comes with a stable intonation and even slotting in all registers of the flügelhorn.  It works especially well for larger .459″ bore or doublers flügelhorns.  The Bájoc Solo is a great all-around flügelhorn mouthpiece that can be used for playing in small combo jazz groups, wind ensembles, brass ensembles, and solo literature.

The Bájoc Solo flügelhorn mouthpiece comes with Jacob’s favored comfort-rim design that offers enough cushion and grip to the lips.  With just enough inner bite and roundness to the rim profile, the Bájoc Solo flügelhorn mouthpiece is well-designed and fit for any trumpet player who plays in several different performance settings.

Further specs of the Bájoc Solo include:

  • Bájoc Signature Series rim
  • Medium-deep cup depth
  • .163″ (#19.5 approx.) throat diameter
  • Bájoc “FS” backbore

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