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Bajoc Personal Trumpet Mouthpiece

The Bájoc Personal trumpet mouthpiece comes with Jacob’s favored comfort-rim design that offers enough cushion and grip to the lips. With just enough inner bite and roundness to the rim profile, the Bájoc Personal trumpet mouthpiece is well-designed and fit for any trumpet player who plays in several different performance settings.

As most individuals have experienced at one time or another, Jacob was stuck in a “mouthpiece safari”. He finally concluded this never-ending search by designing a personal mouthpiece with favored design characteristics integrated into it. What began as a combination of many previous designs put into one (from trumpet masters like Byron Autrey, Vincent Bach, Bill Tottle, and others) and several revisions along the way, the Bájoc Personal mouthpiece was finally developed!

This mouthpiece produces a full-bodied “wall of sound” all while producing a fine balance of good intonation, response, and overtones. An excellent all-around use mouthpiece. The Bájoc Personal mouthpiece performs well in orchestral, wind ensemble, solo performances, and many other concert settings.

Further specs of the Bájoc Personal include:

  • Bájoc Signature Series rim
  • Medium-deep cup depth
  • .1480″ (#25.5 approx.) throat diameter
  • Bájoc “P” backbore

Personal 3 is roughly equivalent to a Bach "5B/C" Hybrid
Personal 2 is roughly equivalent to a Bach "3B/C" Hybrid
Personal 1.5 is roughly equivalent to a Bach "1.5B/C" Hybrid
Personal 1.25 is roughly equivalent to a Bach "1.25B/C" Hybrid

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