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Bajoc Lead Trumpet Mouthpiece

The Bájoc Lead mouthpiece will make your presence known in any music setting—that is a definite guarantee.  This is a zinger of a mouthpiece!  If you are playing lots of lead-commercial music or jazz big band charts, the Bájoc Lead is the mouthpiece for you.

This mouthpiece comes equipped with a development Jacob calls the Triple A” concept, which is short for Accentuated Air Acceleration.  When compared to other makes of shallow lead mouthpieces, the Bájoc Lead has improvements that allow for the air to accelerate from the top of the cup and intensify leading into a reverse-tapered throat that opens up into the backbore.

The cup is designed with a shallow Drop-V / Drop-X combination, reinforcing that immediate lead trumpet sound all while providing enough room for the player’s lips to buzz freely.  This unique cup design combined with the unique bottom section thus enables enhanced precision, response, and effortless access to the extreme upper register for the player—even when they are feeling fatigued.

The Bájoc Lead trumpet mouthpiece comes with Jacob’s favored comfort-rim design that offers enough cushion and grip to the lips.  With the right balance of inner bite and overall roundness to the rim profile, the Bájoc Lead trumpet mouthpiece is well-designed and fit for any trumpet player who plays in several different performance settings.

Further specs of the Bájoc Lead include:

  • Bájoc Signature Series rim
  • Drop-V / Drop-X shallow cup depth
  • .133″ (#29.5 approx.) throat diameter
  • Bájoc “L” backbore

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