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Bajoc Harmonic Waterkey Plug

Available Waterkey Cup Size Options

  • .340″ base diameter — Yamaha (both short and tall waterkey pip), Bach (main tuning slide ONLY; Stradivarius, Omega, etc.), UMI (King Silver Flair, Benge Leonore 90B, C.G. Conn Vintage One, etc.), KanstulS.E. ShiresJupiter XOBesson, and similar
  • .290″ base diameter — Schilke (all available series), Bach (3rd valve slide ONLY; Stradivarius, Omega, etc.), AdamsB&S (Challenger, etc.), VanLaarEclipse, and similar

The Bájoc Harmonic Waterkey Plug features a brass plug that sits in the waterkey cup and has a brass stem that fills the inside section of the waterkey dispensary. What allows for an effective seal of the plug onto the waterkey dispensary is the use of an o-ring (constructed of a neoprene rubber/cork blend material) that is inlaid flush onto the beveled lower base of the plug’s stem—to prevent any sort of air leakage from coming out of the slide crook and/or body tubing.

O-ring material: a highly-durable neoprene rubber and cork blend material that is more resistant to the exposure of oxidation, ozone, water, oil, and moderate acids and chemicals. This cork o-ring is hand-punched and fit to spec so it will sit flush to the plug’s base as well as the waterkey dispensary.  It allows for an effective seal while lasting much longer in comparison to most other waterkey cork materials.


The results of effectively “plugging” the waterkey dispensary are

  • Having an even flow and distribution of notal tones throughout the general section of tubing; and
  • Having a true, balanced response and resistance to the player when sounding the instrument.


What’s Included:

  • Bájoc Harmonic Waterkey Plug
  • x1 Neoprene Rubber/Cork blend material o-ring

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