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Backun TM Vocalise Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces

Seen in photos - Dr. McAllister play testing our stock of Backun TM Vocalise Mouthpieces!

Designed for McAllister by Hawkins. Crafted by Backun.

A fresh take on classical tradition.

It takes a lot to break from tradition. The first-ever mouthpiece series by renowned saxophone artist, Timothy McAllister, and legendary mouthpiece craftsman, Richard Hawkins, is nothing short of groundbreaking. Together with the advanced design and manufacturing capabilities of Backun, Vocalis Saxophone Mouthpieces provide classical artists with an elevated foundation on which to perform today's advanced and challenging literature. A new generation of mouthpieces for the next generation of artists.

Vocalise TM1

A close-facing mouthpiece with faster response, the TM1 provides artists with a more direct and focused tone across all registers. Artists seeking enhanced flexibility and clean articulation will appreciate the tonal clarity that the TM1 delivers.

Tip opening = 1.44mm

If You've Played: Selmer S90 Series (170), Selmer S80 Series (C*), Selmer Concept, Vandoren AL3, Rousseau Classic.

Reed Pairings: Vandoren Traditional 3.5 or 4, Vandoren V12 3 or 3.5, D'addario Reserve 3.5, Legere Signature 3.5 or 3.75.

Vocalise TM2

An open-facing mouthpiece that yields a warmer, more robust response and projects incredibly well in larger symphonic settings. Artists will benefit from the core sound of the TM2, which remains consistent at higher volumes while possessing the ability to float pianissimo with great stability.

Tip opening = 1.53mm

If You've Played: Selmer S90 Series (190), Selmer Claude Delangle Model, Vandoren AP3.

Reed Pairings: Vandoren Traditional 3, Vandoren V12 2.5 or 3, D'addario Reserve 3 or 3+, Legere Signature 3 or 3.25.

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