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Key Leaves Soprano Sax Key Props

The new Key Leaves self-fit-kit for the soprano sax works with any model of straight or curved soprano saxophone and prevents frustrating sticking sax keys and pad rot. Fix your sticky G#, Eb, and C# soprano sax pads for good by leaving the keys open to dry with Key Leaves. 

  • Works safely without touching pad leather. The leaf-shaped props touch only the tone hole and resonator to air dry the Eb, C# plus G# pads.
  • Soft-touch Nylon, Safe on All Finishes
  • Daily care or long-term storage
  • Patented & Made In USA
  • Slide the string knot to double the length, or untie/re-tire for 4x length
  • In a few seconds, you can open Low Eb, C# plus G# sax key pads to air dry clean and cure sticky soprano sax keys before they start sticking

* Opening G# with Low C# may not work on saxes made before 1930.

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