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Vibrato Saxophone: The World's First Polycarbonate Alto Saxophone

The new A1S III VibratoSax is made of a brand new material that is said to increase the play ability and improve the sound.White body with colored pads

  • Lightweight
  • Can be used with any Alto mouthpiece
  • Water resistant
  • Comes with Vibrato gig bag, mouthpiece, neckstrap, and ligature

****IMPORTANT NOTES - PLEASE READ:When playing this saxophone for the first time, the player may notice that it requires slightly more finger pressure than when playing a real saxophone with leather pads due to the self-sealing pads. There is a slight learning curve and the player must play this saxophone with purpose.

Placement of the mouthpiece too far on or too far off of the neck has a dynamic effect on the play-ability of the instrument. You must find the sweet spot area for the mouthpiece you are using.

Any color we do not have currently in stock can be ordered from Thailand. Please contact us if there is a color you want to purchase that is not in stock.

Rainbow colors vary on each saxophone and may not appear like the photo.

THESE ARE PLASTIC SAXOPHONES. All parts are made of plastic, and therefore are not as sturdy as traditional saxophones. They require a delicacy when handling and assembling, so as not to break the fragile parts.These are not a replacement for a traditional saxophone for beginning students or for marching band.

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