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Vibrato Saxophone: "The Nude III" Clear Body Tenor Saxophone

Limited Edition A1S III "The Nude III" clear-bodied Vibrato tenor saxophone

  • Clear polycarbonate body
  • Lightweight
  • Intricate design with detachable bell
  • Can be used with any tenor mouthpiece
  • Water resistant
  • Comes with Vibrato gig bag, mouthpiece, detachable bell, neck strap, and ligature

****IMPORTANT NOTES - PLEASE READ:When playing this saxophone for the first time, the player may notice that it requires slightly more finger pressure than when playing a real saxophone with leather pads due to the self-sealing pads. There is a slight learning curve and the player must play this saxophone with purpose. Placement of the mouthpiece too far on or too far off of the neck has a dynamic effect on the play-ability of the instrument. You must find the sweet spot area for the mouthpiece you are using.

THESE ARE NOT TRADITIONAL SAXOPHONES. Most of the parts are fragile and require a delicacy when handling and assembling to avoid breakage. They are not a replacement for a traditional saxophone for beginning students or for marching band.

If you wish to purchase a Vibrato Sax that is currently out of stock, please email Eric Satterlee at to be put on the waiting list. Thank you!

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