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Kooiman Prima Flute Thumb Rest

Properly balancing the flute has never been easy – until now. The Prima Thumb Rest prevents the instrument
from rolling toward you. It also reduces the flute’s pressure against your lips, it incites a correct position of your
fingers, and helps to prevent tension in fingers, hands, arms, and shoulders.

Ergonomically shaped thumb plateau prevents the thumb:
To slip away to the left
The flute to roll towards player.
(Especially while changing octaves) prima_montage_d_plateau.jpg

-Friendly attachment to flute by means of silicone rubber inlay and bands:
No scratching
Allows tube to vibrate freely
No distortion of round tube.

The Prima consists of two parts:
The thumb plateau that can be attached in a second on the mounting plate that stays on the flute.

The thumb plateau is also adjustable at an angle under the flute.

This means that the thumb rest can be mounted in a second and always back
to the same position.

The Prima is fixed on the body by means of silicone rubber bands.
A silicone rubber sheet comes in between the mounting plate and the body.
Silicone has the specialty to stick tight to the body when degreased with alcohol.
This will prevent the Prima from slipping away. And it protects your flute as well as it guarantees the body to vibrate freely.

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