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Royal Global Polaris Adjustable Clarinet Barrels

Temporarily out of stock, manufacturing delays - in the meantime see the Paulus and Schuler Barrel as a substitute:

The Polaris adjustable clarinet barrel is manufactured from a whole piece of naturally aged grenadilla wood rather than a mix of wood and synthetic. Patent-pending technology and a unique internal design allow the clarinetist to adjust pitch with the simple turn of the center ring. There is no tenon gap created by pulling out the barrel to lower the pitch, allowing for a more resonant, connected sound. The length is adjustable from 64mm to 68mm for fine-tuning and can be easily used on Bb and A clarinets.

All Polaris models have a slightly tapered bore for maximum response, resonance, projection, and depth of sound. This works well for all solo, chamber, and orchestral settings.

Available in:

24k Gold - Powerful, deep sound
Silver - Focused, centered sound, resonant
Black Nickel - Rich, complex sound

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