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Espressivo Low C Bass Clarinet

Now Available at Meridian Winds
Introducing the "Espressivo" Bass clarinet to Low C
Available with "Silver plated" or "Black Nickel plated" key mechanisms, bell, and tunable neck.
High Strength ABS body sections.
Each instrument is meticulously set up by Meridian Winds' clarinet specialist.

Price includes Vandoren B40 bass clarinet mouthpiece, Rovner bass clarinet ligature, Vandoren bass clarinet reeds, silk swab, Vandoren cork grease. (Already have your own accessories? Deduct $ 150 from price.)

With good quality, hardshell fabric-covered zippered case with shoulder and backpack straps and outside music compartment. $ 2500
With BAM hardshell fabric-covered zippered case with back-pack straps and outside music compartment. $ 2700
The following is a review of the Espressivo Bass clarinet received from Kevin Schempf: 
Kevin Schempf has been professor of clarinet at Bowling Green State University for the past 22 years. Besides instructing his many students at BGSU, he is also bass clarinetist with the Toledo Orchestra and on-call bass clarinetist with the Cleveland Orchestra. Prior to assuming his position at BGSU, Kevin was a member of the Coast Guard Band for 6 years followed by his being 2nd clarinet and Eb clarinet with the Syracuse Symphony for 9 years. Kevin was a student of Stanley Hasty at Eastman.

"The Espressivo plays very well. The sound, evenness of scale, and intonation are very good. I also like the silver plated and/or Black Nickel plated keys which will hold up well when used regularly. This instrument has many thoughtful details like the middle joint guide that keeps the bridge keys properly in alignment. I recommend this instrument to my students as well as to any bass clarinetist in need of a reasonably priced bass clarinet with a range to low C. The Espressivo is different from some other instruments (like the $ 12,000 Buffet 1193) but take an extra moment to get used to it and you'll notice that it responds and plays really well! The Espressivo does not compare with Buffet 1193 for my professional purposes, however at many thousands of dollars less I believe it provides a good sound quality with good intonation, along with practical innovations that in some ways make it a more reliable option for everyday use. I have personally played the Buffet 1193 model Bass clarinet for many years and it is my instrument of choice but I believe the Espressivo is an excellent compromise for those looking to conserve funds but obtain an excellent playing and reliable instrument. As a testament to the Espressivo bass Bowling Green State University has purchased 3 of these instruments for use by students in my clarinet studio."

-Kevin Schempf

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