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Brian Corbin Focus Clarinet Barrel

Brian Corbin's Focus barrel helps to produce a sound that is dark, even, and resonant, all while improving intonation and articulation response. The Focus barrel is especially suitable for bringing "core" back to older instruments, or for those musicians looking to transfer resistance to their instrument from their mouthpiece/reed set-up and improve/lower pitch in higher pitched areas of the clarinet, specifically throat tones and left-hand clarion pitches. This handcrafted and hand-finished barrel has a reverse tapered bore. Brian Corbin barrels are used by professional clarinetists all over the U.S. including Dr. Jonathan Holden, Assistant Professor of Clarinet at Florida State University.

  • These barrels work well on both Bb and A clarinets. Many musicians are able to use the same barrel on both instruments, with or without tuning rings - an extra perk for the orchestral musician.
  • Generally, choose the same length barrel that you are currently using on your set-up. If you are very sharp and tend to pull the barrel out more than a millimeter, consider a longer barrel or purchasing tuning rings.
  • Barrels fit most brands of clarinets with standard tenon diameters. There are exceptions for instruments with non-standard tenon diameters, such as the Selmer Signature.

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