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Blitz Wood and Lacquer Care Soft Cloth

This cloth was created by Blitz for the care of the finest, most delicate surfaces. For all wooden musical instruments. One of the few cleaning cloths that contain both natural carnauba and natural beeswax, with just enough silicone added to ensure even distribution of these natural, renewable waxes. Perfect for waxed wood finish or lacquered wooden surfaces of pianos, violins, guitars, violas, wooden wind instruments, cellos, and more.

-Treated with carnauba and beeswax for delicate surfaces
-Made for wooden instruments
-100% Cotton Flannel
-Contains one (1) approximately 11x14 treated cloth
-Does not contain lacquer

Do not wash, will remove special cleaning agents.

-Cloth contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives

-Non-Toxic & Environmentally Friendly
-Made in the USA

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