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Other Clarinet Accessories

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Breathtaking Clarinet Thumb Rest Cover


Breathtaking Premium Clarinet Neck Strap


Rice Clarinet Works Alternate Left-Hand Eb Key


Tom Thumb Thin Clarinet Thumb Rest


All Thumbs Rest


Aurus 4CL - Hand Position Trainer for Beginning Clarinetists


Aurus 7: Embouchure & Diaphragm-Trainer for Saxophone and Clarinet


Bay Lip Ease Teeth Cushion


BG ALLA Bass Clarinet Strap Leather Loop Attachment


BG Clarinet Neck Straps

$17.00 - $65.00

BG Clarinet or Oboe Thumb Rest Cushions


BG Reed Performer


Buffet Clarinet End Plug


Buffet ICON Clarinet Bell


Buffet-Crampon ICON Bass Clarinet Neck


Chop Saver Gold SPF 15 Lip Balm


Chop Saver Lip Balm


Claricord Elastic Clarinet Neckstrap


Clarinet Tuning Rings


Classical Fingers Clarinet Finger Optimiser


Dr. Dan's Thumb Cruisers for Clarinet or Oboe


Duo Thumb Rest Cushion


La Tromba Invigorating Lip Tonic


Lagan Lip Saver

$15.00 - $23.00

Neotech: The Wedge Inflatable Seat Cushion


Protec Clarinet or Oboe Thumb Rest Gel Cushion


Protec Clarinet/Oboe Thumb Rest Cushion


Ridenour Thumb Saddle


Rubber Thumb Rest Tube


Selmer Auxiliary Clarinet Neck Straps


The Breath Builder


Thum-eez Clarinet Thumb Protector


Tom Thumb Clarinet Thumb Rest


Ton Kooiman Etude 3 Thumb Rest


Ton Kooiman Maestro Ergonomic Clarinet Thumb Rest


Yamaha Aircell Neckstrap

$18.50 - $19.00

Yamaha Clarinet or Oboe Thumb Rest Cushion


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