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Meridian Winds


Selmer Presence Clarinet

For many years, clarinetists were limited in choices for viable and professional quality instruments at an affordable price. Now, with the advent of the Selmer SeleS line of instruments, clarinetists have more options than ever. Selmer SeleS Presence clarinets are played and applauded by many professional clarinetists active today. Thanks to the innovative bore design, they have unique acoustic qualities including ease of production and exceptional homogeneity which provide harmonic richness and richness of timbre. The placement of tone holes provides unrivaled intonation, and the key design provides unmatched response and mechanical precision. The Presence clarinet comes with a top-of-the-line BAM case with hidden backpack straps.

All clarinets purchased from Meridian Winds come with a 2-year extended warranty that includes parts and labor.

Please give us a call at 517-339-REED for more information or to place your order today!

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