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Telemann, G.P.: Six Sonatas, Op. 2 for Two Woodwinds

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1757) was a very prolific composer having completed over 3000 works including 1043 church cantatas, 46 settings of the Passion, and nearly 50 concertos for various instruments. The six sonatas in this edition, first published in 1727, were originally for two flutes or two violins. Due to the somewhat limited range of only two octaves and a step, the duets are also very practical for any other two like treble woodwinds. Note that if B-flat clarinet is used with a C instrument, the clarinet part must be transposed.

As was common with most eighteenth century scores, few articulation marks were included in the original manuscript. This edition does not add new articulations, but does offer some suggestions in a narrative that briefly discusses appropriate use of slurs and trills. Performers may add articulation and ornamentation according to their experience and personal tastes.

Each sonata has 4 short movements with each of the two parts requiring equal ability.

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