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Grant, James: Homage for Quartet or Ensemble of Euphoniums and Tubas


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At the request of the dynamic Eufonix Quartet (Danny Helseth, Aaron Tindall, Kelly Thomas, Pat Stuckemeyer), I composed Homage for premiere at the 2015 Northeast Regional Tuba Euphonium Conference, held at Ithaca College in New York. Compositionally, my intention was to capitalize on the uncanny capacity of the four musicians of Eufonix to match tone color and nuance, always the mark of a gifted ensemble. Homage unfolds as a simple memory of respect, admiration, affection and thanks.  Set in a timeless ebb and flow of gently swelling harmonies, an introspective calm emerges as performers and listeners meet in a welcome space of repose. The experience is one of shared ritual, imbued with hope and quiet optimism. Originally scored for quartet of two euphoniums and two tubas, Homage is effective for any combination of low brass instruments. The music takes on exceptional depth and meaning when presented by a large ensemble.

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