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Kerger, Camille: Schneelicht - Bebend Weiss for Saxophone Quartet

Commissioned by and dedicated to the Amstel Saxophone Quartet, Schneelicht - bebend weiss is an incredible new modular quartet. Beginning with 4 sopranos, Kerger deftly weaves a continuous pattern through the entire group. Elements of duos and trios appear as performers eventually shift to a traditional SATB setting. The title, loosely translated as Light Snow - Quivering White, is aptly applied. The appropriate and very musical application of dissonance is reminiscent of Vivaldi's "Winter" from The Four Seasons. This is a highly effective piece, wonderfully written and something audiences will remember for all the right reasons!

Performance considerations include the use of bisbigliando, altissimo and multiphonics in the sax 2 part (on alto sax). Total performance time is ca.7'30".

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