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Fishman, Greg: Jazz Saxophone Duets Volume 3


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Jazz Saxophone Duets:
Each of the 10 duets has four corresponding CD play-along tracks: 
1. Saxes 1 & 2 + Rhythm Section
2. Sax 2 + Rhythm Section
3. Sax 1 + Rhythm Section 
4. Rhythm Section Only + extra choruses for soloing

There are 40 tracks per disc x 3 discs = 120 tracks! Each CD contains more than 60 minutes of music.

The duets are playable by:
2 Altos, 2 Tenors, or Alto & Tenor

Saxophonist Greg Fishman plays the lead tenor part and both alto parts. Saxophonist Mark Colby plays the second tenor part.

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