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Limoge, Philippe: Lock it for Percussion & Piano


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Percussion artist and educator Limoge has crafted a showcase for percussionist with piano accompaniment. Beginning with a vibraphone solo, the performer shifts to marimba for a short time, before going on to drumset. Extended solo work leads to an interplay with piano, after which the percussionist moves to a 5-timpani setup. Piano and timpani begin slowly, building in dynamics and complexity, giving way to a solo timpani passage, and then the performer moves back to the marimba for an accelerating romp to the finish. Lock it has the spotlight firmly on the percussionist, but the pianist is integral to the work and holds all of the various percussive instruments together. For advanced performers.

    Mon-Wed: 9am to 7pm
    Thurs-Fri: 9am to 6pm
    Sat: 10am to 2pm

    2807 Jolly Rd Suite 300
    Okemos, MI 48864