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Jamey Aebersold Jazz Play-Along

The fact is, the best way to learn music is to PLAY music, and what better way to play than with some of the absolute greatest rhythm sections in the world of jazz? It no longer matters whether you are in an "island" of jazz in your community, you can play with the best right away. Think about that; even if you are just a beginner to jazz, you can boldly practice with a solid rhythm section day after day. Using the Jamey Aebersold Play-A-Longs makes practicing fun again, even when you're just practicing scales!

There is something for everyone in the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Play-A-Longs, whether you are a young aspiring player, active professional, teacher, or retired professional. The recording provides a professional jazz rhythm section, and YOU provide the melody!

Today, Jamey's Jazz Play-A-Longs are used and enjoyed by all segments of the musical spectrum from elementary students to pro's such as Randy Brecker and Phil Woods. No longer are scales, exercises and arpeggios simply dull strings of notes with no harmonic meanings. Melodies suddenly come alive and practice is much more fun when the best rhythm sections in the business back you up. Imagine ... you actually get to practice with such well known professionals as Ron CarterKenny BaronJohn PatitucciGrady TateRufus ReidJames WilliamsHal GalperCedar Walton and many others. You can do all of this and more at your own pace and in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

The Jamey Aebersold Jazz Play-A-Long method is simple:

1. Open the book to the proper place ...
2. Put on the recording ...
3. Tune up your instrument ...
4. Begin playing with a fantastic rhythm section!

Jamey Aebersold's Jazz Play-A-Longs typically include a Stereo CD and a coordinated booklet with transposed parts for all instruments including Treble Clef, Bass Clef, Bb, and Eb. Choose the song you want to play and the stage is yours!

The Jamey Aebersold Jazz Play-A-Longs make excellent practice tools for scat vocalists, too! Meticulously break down a song one chord or scale at a time, or simply relax and play melodies. You can have it your way!

The special stereo separation technique we use is ideal for rhythm players. The left channel includes bass and drums, while the right channel contains piano (or guitar) and drums. So bass players and pianists/guitarists can play along like normal, or tune out the recorded parts and provide your own!

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