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Ardovino, Lori: Sessionography for Solo Bass Clarinet

Composer Lori F. Ardovino says, "Sessionography: A description of various musical sessions. This piece for solo bass clarinet is in three movements. The first movement, King Super 20, is inspired by the artistry of Charlie Parker. The fast improvisatory runs represent his virtuosic technique. A quasi 'walking bass' can be heard between the sudden bursts of notes. The title of this work is the brand of saxophone that Parker mainly played."

"Composition No. 2 is inspired by the free jazz style of Anthony Braxton. His music is free improvisation based and named by Braxton 'creative music'. Extended techniques such as flutter tonguing and singing while playing add to the creative process and the flavor of Braxton's style. The name comes from similar titles for works by Braxton. The final movement, Just Groovin', is what Miles Davis' composition Move was dubbed by jazz critics. This movement is inspired by the rhythmic style and free improvisation style of this bebop tune."

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