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Anderson, John: Clarinet Essentials


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This clarinet method is by John Anderson, Professor of Clarinet at the University of Minnesota from 1976-2009. Scales, thirds, and arpeggios are the foundation for the study of any instrument. They are the "ABC" of music without which the performer cannot expect to understand and master the technical demands in the music for their instrument. Clarinet teachers have recognized this since early in its history and have written "bibles" of study including those by Carl Baermann, Hyacinthe Klose, and J.B. Albert. Clarinet Essentials acknowledges these preceding studies and uses them as a model, selecting the most important parts as well as adding some new material. The sample pages, available for viewing below, contain the exercises for C major. Similar execises are in the method for every major and minor key, including the "enharmonic" keys of 7 flats and sharps. In addition, the method includes dominant and diminished chord and chromatic exercises. The first of the chromatic exercises is shown below. Practice suggestions for the exercises are included. This is a foundation that all clarinetists must have.

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