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Beethoven, L.V.: Trio in C Major, Op. 87 for Three Clarinets


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Beethoven originally composed this trio for 2 oboes and English horn around 1794. The Jeanne edition, adapted for 3 clarinets and edited by Valarie Anderson, is based on the 1806 Artaria publication for the original instrumentation. However, Artaria's edition contains many inconsistencies and obvious errors. The autograph score of Beethoven is incomplete, with no dynamic or articulation markings included. Since there is no definitive source available, the editor has taken the liberty of adding articulation markings, but in so doing attempting to maintain the intention of the composer. There are four movements: Allegro, Adagio cantabile, Allegro molto Scherzo, and Presto. This adaption of the original trio for 3 clarinets is a great concert work. Timings - 8:10, 6:01, 1:39, 4:56. Total - 20:46.

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