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Brimhall, John: Complete Theory Notebook


Cannata, Richie & Sean Kennedy: Improvising and Soloing in the Pocket


Count Me In - A Comprehensive Approach to Rhythm


Excellence in Theory: Music Theory, Ear Training, and History Workbook

$6.95 - $19.95

Fishman, Greg & Alper, Greg: Intervals in Action


Fishman, Greg: The Lobster Theory (and Other Analogies for Jazz Improvisation)


Flute for Dummies


Froseth, James: Clarinet Home Helper


Harvard Dictionary of Music


Hickman, David: Music Speed Reading for Beginners


Kynaston, Trent: Circular Breathing for the Wind Performer


Master Theory Beginning Theory Workbook


Morrell, Kristy: Musician, Heal Thyself - A Self Help Guide for Hornists


Nystrom, Todd: Kenny G A Study of His Compositions and Playing Style


Rubyana: The Realm of Musical Sound


Servicing the Flute with J.L. "Jeff" Smith: The Companion Guide to the Valentino Flute Fix Kit


Stanley Drucker: Clarinet Master - A Biography by Mitchell Estrin


The Complete Guide to Flute & Piccolo by J. James Phelan


The Essential Guide to Adjusting Your Oboe, by Bruce D. McCall


The Gig Bag Book Theory & Harmony


The Golden Demon: Adolphe Sax by Neil Cargill


The Real Book Staff Paper


Transposing Charts: Transpose Music for All Instruments Including Band Instruments


Weber, Fred: Note Speller

$5.95 - $6.95

Williams, Frank: Chops - The Ultimate Guide to Building Tone, Technique and Flexibility

$12.99 - $14.99

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