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Meridian Winds


Mike Balter Unwound Series Keyboard Mallets

The Unwound Series consists of various oval shaped rubber, wood, metal, and plastic heads to supply multiple timbres and dynamic levels. Designed for response, clarity, control and sensitivity. 

2 - Oval Tan Rubber, Soft, Marimba, Black Birth Handles

4 - Oval Light Green Rubber, Medium, Marimba, Birch Handles
5 - Oval Dark Green Rubber, Medium Hard, Marimba, Black Birch Handles
6 - Oval Grey Rubber, Hard, Xylophone/Bells, Birch Handles
9 - 5/8" Oval Brass, Hard, Bells/Bell Tree, Black Birch Handles
10 - 1 1/8" Phenolic, Extra Hard, Bells/Xylophone, Black Birch Handles
10A - 7/8" Phenolic, Hard, Bells, Birch Hanldes

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