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Vic Firth Contemporary Series Vibraphone Mallets

Developed along with some of the world’s greatest contemporary chamber music ensembles – including So Percussion, Third Coast Percussion, Meehan/Perkins Duo and eighth blackbird – the Contemporary Series vibraphone mallets are perfectly suited for the demands of contemporary repertoire!

The Contemporary Series vibraphone mallets feature 100% synthetic cord for maximum durability and consistent tone. Medium-weighted rubber cores create a clear and appropriate sound. High-grade rattan shafts provide the ideal feel and sound on the vibraphone, making this series the perfect choice for contemporary chamber, percussion ensemble, orchestral and solo literature.

M24 - Medium. Produces a pure warm tone, making this a very lyrical choice.

M24 - Medium hard. The most universal choice in the series. A virtual all-purpose mallet!

M24 - Hard. A bold mallet that provides outstanding projection and clarity.

M24 - Very hard. Brilliant clarity is achieved even at the softest dynamic level.

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