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Woodwind Design Carbon Fiber Bass Clarinet Peg

When you find your metal bass clarinet peg is too flexible, WoodWindDesign’s newly developed modular and adjustable carbon-fiber peg might be interesting to you.

It consists of two carbon tubes and one narrower but massive carbon rod. The 7 mm rod is the connection to the bass clarinet’s bell and is also acting as a “sitting” peg, length from 0 to 37 cm. Fully assembled with the two tubes, the length starts from 35 cm and goes up to 90 cm, which is much more than you need.
In this way your peg is good for any playing position, seated or standing up, for short as well as tall players, with low Eb as well as low C bass clarinets, Paperclip contrabasses, and contraltos.

range: 0 – 90 cm = 0 – 36 inch

weight; 100 grams = 3.5 ounces

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