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Key Leaves Vent Vine


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 Vent Vine™ extends pad life but will not resurrect dead pads. Replace torn, moldy or rotten pads before use for best results. Vent Vine™ may require some skill to fit and install properly. Depending on your individual instrument, it may not be easily installed without modification. Instructions for installation are included.

PAD NOTICE: Your sax must have resonators or rivets in the pads from high D up to be compatible with this product. 

SAX CASE NOTICE: Flexible “gig bag” style cases are not compatible with this product because they allow keys to be bumped during transport. Use only with a quality case in good condition. 

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - SMALL PARTS - NOT FOR SMALL CHILDREN UNDER 3 YRS. Misuse of the product may cause damage or injury. Buyer assumes all risk of use.

RETURN POLICY: Because Vent Vine™ is a custom-fit product, all sales are final.

Prevent pad rot and keep you saxophone cleaner with Key Leaves Vent Vine™

Look at your saxophone and notice how all pads above the left hand are closed after you play. That traps wet bacteria against the pads and tone holes to rot. That nastiness in the sax also drips down onto the left hand keys making them sticky.

· Totally prevent palm key sticking from High D and up

· Reduce rot and metal corrosion on your sax tone holes

· Premium daily care or long-term storage

· Safe on all finishes, Soft-touch Nylon

· Designed & Made in U.S.A by saxophonists

· Vent Cap™ allows massive air flow from the top and sides

Key Leaves patented technology safely open the pads from Palm High D and up so they air dry clean and pad leather stays soft and healthy. (Will work for saxophones with High F# key.)

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