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Clarinet Conditioning: Warm-ups and Perspectives by David Cook

A thorough and meticulous clarinet warm-up addressing all fundamental components establishes the foundation necessary for both technical success and the freedom to engage in the artistic process of music-making in practice or performance. Clarinet Conditioning: Warm-Ups and Perspectives presents a series of engaging, insightful interviews with clarinetists from a wide variety of specializations, pedagogical lineages and career paths alongside a robust collection of exercises and materials for study, many of which come directly from the interviewees. In these conversations, learn how some of today’s leading clarinetists condition themselves to perform at the highest level on a daily basis through a carefully considered warm-up routine.

A well-planned warm-up routine prepares both the body and the mind for the act of creative music-making, simultaneously reinforcing proper fundamentals and removing any technical barriers. This allows the performer to devote their full attention to actualizing their own expression and interpretation. With chapters devoted to Stretching, Breathing and Airflow, Tone, Voicing, Intonation, Technical Patterns and Articulation, Clarinet Conditioning presents practical exercises in an à la carte format that can be applied to any level of clarinet study and performance. With such a wide assortment of exercises to choose from, the clarinetist can easily customize a daily course of study that best serves their current abilities and needs.

A recurring theme across the interviews in this book is that a warm-up routine should continue to grow and evolve with the musician, reinforcing fundamentals and providing new challenges. The material in this book can do just that. The numerous exercises are enough to occupy many years of rigorous study, while the insight and advice shared by some of the finest orchestral and military band musicians, chamber musicians and university professors will last a lifetime.

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