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Breathtaking Premium Bassoon Strap and Wraplift

The new Breathtaking Bassoon Strap is used by major artists worldwide and is considered by some to be the best strap on the market today.

Eliminates stress on the neck and allows you to play with good posture.

The instrument feels lighter - the shape that rests along the shoulder line, together with the back strap, distributes the weight evenly between the shoulders and the back, relaxing the body.

Facilitates an open chest so you can breathe deeply - As the connecting bar creates comfortable space around the chest and prevents the neck from being squeezed, easy, smooth, and deep breaths are possible resulting in pure and rich sound.

Soft, high-quality leather and padding add comfort. Each strap is handmade with the utmost care by Japanese craftsmen. No compromise is allowed on the design, materials, sewing, and functionality in order to maintain its quality.

The Wraplift - When Wraplift is attached to the BREATHTAKING Strap, it improves the 3 main benefits of the strap: No stress to the neck, no stress to the chest, and the division of the weight of the instrument.

“It’s as if the strap is floating.”

Wraplift creates a space between the body and the strap and gives the player a feeling that the strap is floating from the body. You feel the weight of the instrument even less, breathing becomes easier, and the sound richer.

1. Increased comfort during performance - Wraplift is designed to lift the strap away from the body, resulting in more freedom around the neck and chest, and the breaths going into the instrument without any interruption.
2. Wraplift is reversible. Depending on what you wear, you can choose the material (leather or suede) to prevent the strap from slipping.
3. Its design also divides the weight of the instrument by lifting the strap.
4. Soft and comfortable fit wraps the triangle part of the bassoon strap and protects the body with a soft cushion

Please note: We currently only have Wraplifts in the black color option, so if you order a combo with a brown strap, the Wraplift will be black.

Sizing is based on body size, so we typically recommend getting a strap that corresponds to your t-shirt size.

There may be a delay in shipping any Breathtaking orders as this product is imported and international shipments are currently taking longer than normal.

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