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MDRS 1.5" & 2.0" Radius Axial Tool "RAT Pack"

2 dual purpose MDRS tools: 1 with 1.5" diameter and 1 with 2.0" diameter. Both have 2.0" long N52 magnet, removable handle. These tools are stronger than the original flat faced tooling, having the full power of the magnet focused to the apex of the Armor-Plate dome. These tools have the power to remove or improve deeper dents, wrinkle dents and crease dents. They are the only tools strong enough to use with ball set A. Includes spray wax and mylar disc.

To download our full MDRS order from, please click here.

*All MDRS orders require additional handling time before they are ready to ship. This may result in a delay of 2-3 weeks before your order ships. If you have any questions, please email

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