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Ergonomic Heavy Mass Neck Screws for Cannonball or P. Mauriat Saxophones

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Please note: Due to the current Stay-at-Home order in place in Michigan, all neck screw orders will be delayed 3-4 weeks.
  • Will fit Cannonball or P. Mauriat saxophones
  • Set of 2 screws includes 1 long screw (for neck tightening side) and 1 short screw (for lyre side). 
  • Gems are synthetic. Please make note of your choice of gemstone in the dialog box, if applicable.
Meridian Winds Ergonomic Heavy Mass Saxophone Neck Screws are a hand-crafted, ergonomic alternative to the flat sided screws that have been the status quo on saxophones for over 100 years. The heavier mass of a Meridian Winds neck screw may also provide tonal character & color according to some discerning artists. We developed these screws with ergonomics in mind. If you play saxophone, you know how much energy has been expended through the years in twisting your wrist to tighten your neck screw. The MW Neck Screw eliminates twisting the wrist and requires only that you roll it between your thumb and index finger.

*Please note: Some screws (including all gemstone models) require additional handling time to be manufactured which may result in a delay of shipping your order. If you have any questions, please email

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