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Snark Teddy's Neo Tortoise .78mm Medium Guitar Picks

Your tone begins when your pick strikes the string. Hence, your pick is an extremely important part of your tone. No signal processing or amplification can “put back” the tone that you lose from a “dead” pick. Test Snark® side by side with your favorite pick. We think you will agree that the tone of the Snark® pick is superior! Nothing sounds better than a Snark® pick!

Snark Picks:

  • Tone enhancing substrate
  • Laser cut for precision size and shape
  • Edges polished for 30+ hours so pick edges do not drag on string and corrupt tone
  • Non-slip coating to improve grip
  • Free pick file included to customize, point, and edge your pick


  • Snark Picks - Teddy's Neo Tortoise Guitar Picks
  • Medium Gauge .78mm, Plays Like .73mm
  • Tone and Flex like a Tortoise Pick
  • No Slip Grip
  • Polished 30 Hours
  • Eliminates String Drag
  • Laser Cut for Precision
  • Free Pick File for Custom Shaping
  • UPC: 611820020521
  • MPN: 78NT

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