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Meridian Winds


Courtois AC103T Trombone


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  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: .500"
  • Leadpipe: Standard fixed
  • Leadpipe Material: Yellow brass
  • Bell: 8"
  • Bell Material: Yellow brass
  • Handslide: Standard weight
  • Handslide Material: Yellow brass with nickel sleeves
  • Handslide Crook Material: Yellow brass
  • F-Attachment Wrap: N/A
  • F-Attachment Valve: N/A
  • Features: Reverse tuning slide; Single radius end crook
  • Case: Yes
  • Mouthpiece: Yes
  • Mouthpiece Shank: Small
  • Finish: Lacquer

All Meridian Winds reconditioned instruments are in excellent mechanical and playing condition. Each instrument is checked over by our expert repair technicians prior to sale. They may have some minor cosmetic wear, which is reflected in the price. Please give us a call at 517-339-7333 for details.

Please give us a call at 517-339-7333 for details or to place your order today!

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