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Perantucci PT-48 Tuba Mouthpiece

Great Tuba Mouthpiece!

Perantucci Mouthpieces offer many different models, each designed for a specific purpose. No need to compromise. Choose the Perantucci mouthpiece which best serve your individual needs.

Perantucci means technical leadership. Every model advances the art, sets new standards for others to reach.

The various models are based on the same philosophy of sound, response, balance and tonal presence.

Only the highest quality copper-based alloys and silver are good enough for Perantucci mouthpieces. Care in engineering and fully polished cups assure superb resonance, perfect response and finest tone quality.

Cup Diameter : 33.0 mm diameter. Deep, funnel-shaped cup.
Rim : Width 8 mm. Rounded inner and outer edges.
Bore : 8.3 mm
Model PT-48 is based on the classic Helleberg concept yet slightly wider than standard mouthpieces. The rim is enhanced for quick response and clarity. The sound is dark with a pronounced core. Excellent for medium-large and large-bore CC and BBb tubas. Model PT-48 is the ideal selection for those who determine that the PT-36 and PT-44 are a bit too small, and the PT-50 and PT-88 too large.

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