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Donald Sinta, Saxophone with Nelita True, Piano "American Music" (2 Disc Set) CD


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This two CD set offers the performer the ability to play along with disc 1 as the piano is on the left channel and the saxophone is on the right channel. Disc 2 represents a stereo mix of these selections.

1. Paul Creston: Sonata, Opus 19 Sonata Opus 19
I. With Vigor
II. With Tranquility
III. With Gaiety

4. Walter S. Harley: Duo
I. Movement, Allegro-Lento-Allegro-Lento-Allegro

5. Farewell: Warren Benson

6. Bernhard Heiden: Sonata
I. Allegro
II. Vivace
III. Adagio - Presto

9. Warren Benson: Aeolian Song

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