Rental Details

You can now submit a rental request from us online. Before doing so, please read and review our Rental/Purchase Agreement Terms and Conditions.


Please note and understand all of the following before submitting a request:

• All rental instruments are student models and are subject to availability. Request for rentals are not guaranteed. You will be contacted if there is a problem with instrument availability.


• A valid credit card must be on file at all times during the term of our rental agreement. Payments will be deducted monthly from your credit card. If you experience a change in your payment information, you must notify us immediately!


• You may choose to pay 3 monthly payments up front to receive a music book and music stand at no additional cost. If you do not choose this option and you still wish to purchase the book and/or the stand, you will be charged regular price for each item.


• All monthly payments are based on instrument type are are detailed on this page. The number of monthly payments is determined by the full price of the instrument (plus MI sales tax.)


• Your rental instrument and accessories (if applicable) will be delivered to the school you choose on the request form. We do not honor online rental requests that are from students who do not attend a school that we deal with regularly. If you need a rental instrument and are from a different school, please call us at 517-339-7333.


• If your request can be honored, we will charge your credit card within a few days of submission. Your regularly scheduled monthly payment will be debited one month from that date and will continue until paid off, or until you contact us to cancel your rental and return the instrument.


• If you choose to rent one instrument, for example a flute, and in one year your child decides that he or she wants to switch to another instrument, for example a saxophone, all payments made on the flute will count toward the saxophone price.


• If you have any questions or concerns, or would like a detailed price quote, please feel free to give us a call at 517-339-7333 and we can set up a rental contract over the phone.


• You will receive a copy of our Rental/Purchase Agreement as well as a receipt for your payment with the instrument.


Once you have read and understand all of the above, click here to fill out a rental request form.