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Meridian Winds

Benefits of the Meridian Winds Rent-to-Own Plan

  • Our rental program is rent-to-own: All rental payments apply towards the eventual purchase of the instrument. (For example, if the purchase price of a flute is $330 plus tax, it would require 14 payments of $30 per month to achieve ownership.)
  • Your payment includes the Meridians Winds Service and Protection Agreement during the term of the rental at no additional cost
  • All rental instruments are new or pre-owned. Pre-owned instruments have been completely reconditioned by our technicians and are in excellent playing condition.
  • Loaner instruments are available if the the rental instrument must be left for repair during the rental period.
  • We have a special offer for a free folding music stand with carrying case and music book when you pay 3 or 4 months rental in advance (depending on instrument) – a $35 value .
  • All rental instruments are student models and are subject to availability.
  • If your child starts out on one instrument and decides to switch to another, all rental payments made on the first instrument will be transferred to the new instrument.
  • All schools that we offer rentals to are visited weekly for service and repairs.
  • All instrument comes with a case, mouthpiece and the following accessories so your student will be ready to play!
    • Brass instruments – oil & slide grease
    • Flute – cleaning rod & polishing cloth
    • Clarinet – 3 reeds, cork grease, swab
    • Oboe – 1 reed, swab, cork grease
    • Saxophone – 3 reeds & cork grease
  • Percussion kits include the following:
    • Bells Only Percussion Kit: 2.5 Octave bell set, practice pad, stand to hold bells or pad, drum sticks, bell mallets, case.
    • Bells & Snare Percussion kit: 2.5 Octave bell set, practice pad, stand to hold bells or pad, drum sticks, bell mallets, snare drum, case.

Rent-to-Own Pricing

$26 per month: Flute, Clarinet (plastic), Trumpet, Trombone

$40 per month: Oboe, Pre-owned Wood Clarinet, Percussion Kits

$50 per month: Alto Saxophone, Single French Horn

$60 per month: Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Open Hole Flute

$80 per month: Baritone/Euphonium, Double French Horn

Schools We Service

Ann Arbor

- Abbot Elementary
- Angell Elementary
- Ann Arbor Christian
- Ann Arbor Open School
- Bach Elementary
- Belleville Middle School
- Burns Park Elementary
- Carpenter Elementary
- Clague Middle School
- Daycroft Montessori
- Dicken Elementary
- Eberwhite Elementary
- Forsyth Middle School
- Haisley Elementary
- Hebrew Day School
- Huron Valley Catholic
- Lakewood Elementary
- Lawton Elementary
- Logan Elementary
- Mitchell Elementary
- Pattengill Elementary
- Pittsfield Elementary
- Rudolph Steiner School
- Scarlett Middle School
- Slauson Middle School
- STEAM Northside
- St. Thomas
- Tappan Middle School
- Thurston Elementary
- Wines Elementary
Lansing Area Schools

- Charlotte Middle School
- Chippewa Middle School (Okemos)
- Haslett Middle School
- Hayes Middle School (Grand Ledge)
- Kinawa School (Okemos)
- Mason Middle School
- McDonald Middle School
- Williamston Middle School
Other Schools

- Alpena Schools
- Alcona Schools
- Fowlerville Middle School
- Hartland Farms Middle School
- Hartland Middle School
- Highlander Way Middle School (Howell)
- Hillside Middle School (Northville)
- Power Middle School (Farmington)
- Shepherd of the Lakes
- Warner Middle School (Farmington)
- West Middle School

*We do not offer rentals to parents/students who attend schools that we do not regularly work with during the school year. Please call us with any questions you may have.

    Mon-Wed: 9am to 7pm
    Thurs-Fri: 9am to 6pm
    Sat: 10am to 2pm

    2807 Jolly Rd Suite 300
    Okemos, MI 48864