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Meridian Winds

Meridian Winds Rent-to-Own Plan

  • RENTAL PAYMENTS: All rental payments apply towards the purchase of the instrument. For example, if the purchase price of a flute is $330 plus tax, it would require 14 payments of $26 per month to achieve ownership. Payments will be automatically deducted from your credit card each month. You must have a credit card on file with to keep your rental contract current. Any late payments that are taken after our 10-day grace period will incur a $5 late fee.

  • SERVICE WARRANTY: All of our rentals include the Meridians Winds Service and Protection Agreement during the term of the rental at no additional cost. Any repairs needed during the rental period will be covered unless there is evidence of malicious damage. Loaner instruments are available if the the rental instrument must be left with us for repair during the rental period. Most schools that we service are visited weekly for pick-ups, deliveries, and repairs.

  • INSTRUMENT CONDITION: All of our rental instruments are either new or pre-owned. Pre-owned instruments have been completely reconditioned by our technicians and are in excellent playing condition. They may have some slight cosmetic wear that does not affect the playing condition of the instrument. All rental instruments are student models and are subject to availability.

  • SPECIAL OFFER FOR NEW RENTALS: If you pay your first 4 rental payments when you start your rental contract, you will receive a folding music stand with carrying case and the music book required by your child's school at no additional charge (a $30 value).

  • SWITCHING INSTRUMENTS: If your child starts out on one instrument and decides to switch to another, all rental payments made on the first instrument will be transferred to the new instrument. Please contact us if your child wishes to switch instruments.

  • WHAT'S INCLUDED? All instrument comes with a case, mouthpiece and the following accessories so your student will be ready to play! 
    • Brass instruments: oil & slide grease
    • Flute: cleaning rod & polishing cloth
    • Clarinet: 3 reeds, cork grease, swab
    • Oboe: 1 reed, swab, cork grease
    • Saxophone: 3 reeds & cork grease
    • Bells Only Percussion Kit: 2.5 Octave bell set, practice pad, stand to hold bells or pad, drum sticks, bell mallets
    • Bells & Snare Percussion kit: 2.5 Octave bell set, practice pad, stand to hold bells or pad, drum sticks, bell mallets, snare drum
    • ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES: You can purchase any additional accessories your student needs when you make your initial rental contract payment.

  • GETTING YOUR INSTRUMENT: We offer delivery to any school we normally service during the school year. We make deliveries once per week. To see our delivery schedule, please click here. If you need your instrument sooner than our next scheduled delivery, we can ship it to you for an additional charge. You can also come pick it up from the store.

  • TERMINATING YOUR RENTAL CONTRACT: If, at any time during your rental period, you child decides to quit band, you can return your rental instrument (including the mouthpiece) to us and your rental contract will be complete. Your payments will stop and you will not own the instrument. Please note that if you return your instrument to us over the summer, your rental contract will be terminated and you will need to start a new contract if you want the instrument back in the fall. This will result in the loss of any rental payment credit you previously accrued.

Rent-to-Own Pricing

$26 per month 
$40 per month
$50 per month
$60 per month
$75 per month
Flute Oboe Alto Saxophone Tenor Saxophone Double French Horn
Plastic Clarinet Pre-Owned Wood Clarinet Single French Horn Bass Clarinet  
Trumpet Percussion Kits   Open Hole Flute  
Trombone     New Wood Clarinet

Schools We Service

Ann Arbor

- Abbot Elementary
- Angell Elementary
- Ann Arbor Christian
- Ann Arbor Open School
- Bach Elementary
- Belleville Middle School
- Burns Park Elementary
- Carpenter Elementary
- Clague Middle School
- Daycroft Montessori
- Dicken Elementary
- Eberwhite Elementary
- Forsythe Middle School
- Haisley Elementary
- Hebrew Day School
- Huron Valley Catholic
- Lakewood Elementary
- Lawton Elementary
- Logan Elementary
- Mitchell Elementary
- Pattengill Elementary
- Pittsfield Elementary
- Rudolph Steiner School
- Scarlett Middle School
- Slauson Middle School
- STEAM Northside
- St. Thomas
- Tappan Middle School
- Thurston Elementary
- Wines Elementary
Lansing Area Schools

- Charlotte Middle School
- Chippewa Middle School (Okemos)
- Haslett Middle School
- Hayes Middle School (Grand Ledge)
- Kinawa School (Okemos)
- Mason Middle School
- McDonald Middle School
- Williamston Middle School
Other Schools

- Alpena Schools
- Alcona Schools
- Fowlerville Middle School
- Hartland Farms Middle School
- Hartland Middle School
- Highlander Way Middle School (Howell)
- Hillside Middle School (Northville)
- Livingston Christian (Brighton)
- Power Middle School (Farmington)
- Shepherd of the Lakes
- Warner Middle School (Farmington)
- West Middle School

*We do not offer rentals to parents/students who attend schools that we do not regularly work with during the school year. Please call us with any questions you may have.

    Mon-Wed: 9am to 7pm
    Thurs-Fri: 9am to 6pm
    Sat: 10am to 2pm

    2807 Jolly Rd Suite 300
    Okemos, MI 48864