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Meridian Winds

After submitting this form, we will choose an instrument, you must call us at 517-339-733 with your credit card information so we can process your initial payment, and hold the instrument for pick up or delivery to your child’s school. Please allow 1 business day for us to process your rental. You will get a copy of the rental contract with the instrument. If you would like to have the instrument shipped to your home, you will be charged a shipping fee along with your initial payment.

Rental is subject to instrument availability – we will contact you if the instrument you request is unavailable.

Rental Application

By clicking submit, you agree that you have read the Meridian Winds Rental Agreement and fully understand it and agree to abide by its terms and condition. You agree that you have also read, understand, and agree to all information detailed on the “Rental Details” page of understand that submission of this request does not guarantee you an instrument and the fulfillment of this request is dependent upon available inventory.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO CALL US AT 517-339-7333 with your credit card information so we can process your application.

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